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Below is an update from our Mortgage Brokers. Please feel free to phone Michael or  Danny to set up a free health check on your mortgages and loans.
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 Fixed rates are continuing to drop!
Over the past few weeks, we have seen fixed rates continue to decrease. At the moment we can source a 3 year fixed rate as low as 6.95%.  With the fixed rate moving closer to the variable rate, there has never been a better time to review your current home loan structure and try and lock in some certainty in the coming 3 years.
We have also seen credit policy loosen slightly with banks beginning to increase their current Loan to Value Ratios from 90% to 95%, and we believe this is symptomatic of increasing confidence and competition amongst lenders.
As always, we are here to discuss all of your home buying, investment and refinancing need. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your options further.
Looking forward to assisting you soon.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Diploma of Management - Victorian Govt's Programe "Securing Jobs for your future"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - bsi
There is an opportunity to take advantage of the Victorian Government’s “Securing jobs for your future” programme.
You or a member of your team may be eligible to Complete the accredited Diploma of Management Course valued at $4,000 over the next 6 months – AT NO COST TO YOU!!.
This course will give the applicant new management and leadership skills to enhance their career and business.
The cost of the course is $4,000, which will be funded for eligible participants by - the Victorian Government under the program “Securing jobs for your future” and a nominal enrolment fee of $250 by participants.
Ark Total Wealth has agreed to pay on your behalf the $250 enrolment fee for the first 100 eligible applicants as part of its commitment to help you become “health, wealthy and wise”.
If you or someone you might know, is a Victorian Resident , have not completed a qualification above a Certificate IV level, and are seeking to gain new skills for your current employment or future job role then you should apply.
For more information CLICK HERE to find out more and identify eligibility
If you are interested in finding out more CLICK HERE to register your interest.
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Ivan Kaye
Ark Total Wealth
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Diploma of Management BSB 51107
Providing real world principles, tools and techniques

Course Overview

BSIL Hume Learning’s Diploma of Management is a fantastic way for you to gain new management and leadership skills, to enhance your career and business. It is ideal for the business owner, senior manager, or developing business leader to:
  • Reinforce, enhance and grow skills
  • Apply critical and contemporary management principles, tools and techniques
  • Develop new networks and opportunities.
The Diploma program is a leading Australian business management qualification. We combine online and face to face delivery via workshops, with project work and assessments to enhance and reinforce both the content and intent of the course.

Participants will work individually and in small groups to experience and learn how to implement traditional and contemporary tools, techniques and models within their own role, business and industry. This is a real-world, hands-on program that enables quick but sustainable returns on your investment.

The Diploma covers key components of underpinning business management and leadership.
Eight (8) units cover core business topics such as:
  • Customer Service
  • Financial Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Managing people and performance
  • Planning
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Personal and Team Effectiveness
  • Compliance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Sustainability
  • Workplace Relations
  • Innovation
  • Business Strategy
Course Structure

The program combines 4 days of workshops with online and self paced learning, including small group work.
Workshops can be delivered onsite or we have regular sessions scheduled at various locations throughout Metropolitan Melbourne.

Participants will enjoy the interactive workshops, online options and project work that explore issues, share experiences and maintain high flexibility to obtain optimum results for each participant. The focus is more on “how-to” rather than “what-to” implement strategies for improvement.
Progressive assessment gives participants ongoing and immediate feedback on progress and understanding.
The course is normally completed in 6months, with final assessments and project work to be submitted after the final workshop.
Course Fees/Eligibility

The course is funded for eligible participants under the Vic State Government funded program -Securing jobs for your Future – Skills for Victoria.
This funding covers most of the costs of providing the complete program.
Participants are expected to contribute an enrolment fee prior tocommencing the course of approximately $250.
To be eligible for this Diploma qualification you must have not completed a qualification above a Certificate IV level and be seeking to gain new skills that you can apply in either your current or future employment


Upon completion of all components of the course you will receive a nationally recognised Diploma of Management qualification. If you complete part of the qualification and assessments you will receive a statement of attainment for those units you have fully completed.
How to Enrol
To more information contact Gina Sulfaro on 03 9786 5636 or email Gina at more information on dates, locations, eligibility criteria and other information you need to start your Diploma of Management journey.

About Us....
BSI Learning (BSIL) is a leading provider of Organisational and People Development Services and outsourced training solutions in Australasia.Our vision is to deliver value across the entire Employee Lifecycle.
We utilise the full spectrum of learning methodologies including Workshop, Action Learning, Distance Learning, Coaching and e Learning and our global training partnerships keep us abreast of the latest learnings and product developments from around the world.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Using your Super to Buy Investment Property

Have you ever considered borrowing to buy Residential Property using your Super?
"Did you know that you are able to borrow to buy Residential Property using your Super"
If your answer is 'no', then the chances are that you are not fully aware of the options that are available when investing and managing your superannuation.
Due to popular demand, Ark Total Wealth has decided to hold a webinar to demonstrate how to invest in property using a Self- Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Our webinars are designed to keep you up to date with the current strategies, market conditions and cutting edge research to enable you to make informed decisions about investing your super.
At Ark Total Wealth, we pride ourselves on identifying innovative strategies that allow individuals and businesses to grow, manage and protect their value. This webinar  will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn from our experienced team of professionals.
REGISTER NOW seats limited to 50.

At this seminar our experts will cover
  • The benefits of Investing through a SMSF
  • How to access leverage inside the super environment
  • When is the best time to utilise a SMSF to invest
  • Why to invest in Property through super
  • The importance of property research when selecting an investment
  • Where the research is indicating to invest in the current market
  • Why a SMSF is an effective vehicle to create manage and protect wealth

See ARK TV on our YouTube channel
Thursday 3 March 2011 from 6pm - 7pm

CFP® B.Com

Financial Advisor
Alex Lee is a Certified Financial Planner® and he specialises in helping create wealth for individuals. Alex's passion is in educating the client, so that they are not only on the path of wealth creation but understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.
Dylan ChanFinancial Advisor
Dylan is a Financial Adviser who has provided advice in the field of property investing since 2002, strategically integrating it as an asset class into his clients portfolios. Property through SMSF's represents the next evolution of this strategy.

AFSL: 239445
Ark Total Wealth
Level 7 , 14 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000
P: 02 9262 3333 F: 02 9262 5788

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Give your business a Spring Clean – Things you need to do

Written on a plane from Singapore to Sydney 28 July 2010

Work out what your values are – trust, integrity, ethical, health, wealth, wisdom, excellence, loyalty
Go Back to Basics and ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing.
• Is it to make a good living from your business?
• Is it to help other people?
• Is it to maximize returns for shareholders?
• Is it to grow your business so you can exit it?
• Is it something you love to do (a hobby that you are passionate about?)
• Are you climbing the right ladder?

Identify your issues in your business and work out ways in which you can resolve these issues. Speak to Alan Milwidsky at
Think about where you want to be 5 years from now. 4 , 3 , 2 and 1 year from now and identify steps how you are going to get there

Split them into Short, Medium and Long term Goals
Activating Goals – the 7 C’s
• Conviction - you and your team need to know your vision and believe in it
• Character – act with honesty and integrity
• Courage – you need big cahoonas to take action
• Competence – you need to be the “college of knowledge”, have the required skills, the right attitude and habits to be the best
• Commitment – you need to have the 4 d’s (desire, dedication, determination and drive )
• Creativity – you need to be innovative and think “that the glass is half full than half empty” A pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity. An optimist sees opportunities in every problem
• Caring – you need to act from the heart.

• 4 f’s - Focused,Fast, Flexible, Fun
• 5p’s - plan, passionate, persistant, profit
• Do NOT be complacent, arrogant and live in a state of denial
• Balance your life with business, family, community, spiritual, exercise, continual learning. Make a plan and set goals for each section of your life. All the plan will do is act as a guide. There will inevitably be deviations and plans will change…. That’s ok – as long as you have your values secure. They need to be your rock and foundation.
• Hire the best – speak to Michale Lynch at
• Average people will cost you money
• Empower your team
• Invest in your team – comprehensive training and a workplace that they enjoy coming to speak to Graham Raspass at
• They need to know and believe in the vision and mission and know the 30 second pitch
• You don’t need to motivate motivated staff – if you do, something in your business is missing.

• What are you doing day to day that you can outsource for a fraction of your salary – that you can save up to 80% of your time.

Set identifiable KPI’s for your PR Marketing Plan each quarter
• how many articles
• how many journalists you contact in 1 month
• how many events
• how many blogs have you written
• you on facebook /twitter/linked in – how many contact on your social networks.

This is your most important asset. Make sure it is clean, up to date and your members are contacted on a regular basis

• Is it up to date?
• Is it current?
• Is it interactive?
• Are there call to actions?
• No Spelling mistakes – use
• Do you regular measure how many people look at your website – use “google analytics” or

Are you maximizing incentives that you may be eligible for?

This is key. There are a number of successful businessmen who want to add value and give back to others.

• Your wealth plan is a journey – over the period, there will be ups and downs. Make sure you have a financial plan, that is continuously monitored. There will be deviations. Your financial planner will lead you in the direction that will enable you to achieve your goals. ( )
• Never over stretch your financial capacity.
• Cash is king
• Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, But Cash Flow is King and Queen
• Ensure that you have a budget
• Have proper accounting systems and reporting schedules – what you can measure you can manage
• Organise your finances
• Consolidate your loans
• Take your bank manager to lunch
• Ensure you have adequate facilities to take advantage of opportunities when they occurFind yourself an excellent mortgage broker that will go out of their way to look after you.
• Tax plan well before the end of the financial year
• Are relevant agreements in place –
o if you have a partner , do you have a buy/sell agreement
o do you have a shareholders agreement
o have you got insurances to manage your risk
o is your will in place

• Where are we in the economic cycle?
• What does it mean to me and my business?
• What are the opportunities that we can take advantage of?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Coalition promises to Restore Support for Exporters

At an AIEx event this morning in Brisbane the Shadow Minister for Trade, the Hon. Warren Truss, launched the Coalition Government’s Trade Policy themed – Restoring Support for Australian Exporters.

The Australian Institute of Export demonstrated its’ commitment to the export community by mounting a substantial campaign to Government in 2009 regarding the multi-million dollar shortfall in the EMDG Scheme. This resulted in an additional $50 million being injected into the scheme by the Government.

Today Mr Truss announced the Coalitions’ plans for the future of EMDG along with additional Trade Policy initiatives. Below are the main points and click here to download a full copy of Mr Truss’s speech:

The Coalition understands that trade is the key engine of growth for Australia. One in four jobs in regional Australia is directly or indirectly linked to exports. When the Coalition was last in government, exports from regional Australia grew three times faster than did exports from major cities.

About a quarter of regional Australia’s income now comes from exports.
EMDG Scheme
o A Coalition Government will increase the EMDG cap to $200 million effective from 1 July 2011 restoring the $50 million funding shortfall.
o Furthermore, in government the Coalition will examine the merits of removing the cap altogether.
• Intensifying international trade reform
o The Coalition’s highest trade policy priority remains the Doha negotiations and an outcome that delivers genuine, new commercial opportunities for our farmers, manufacturers and service providers.
o The Coalition will establish the permanent position of Ambassador for Trade Reform to promote further trade reform internationally and coordination at home and continue funding the position of Trade Representative for Australia’s Agricultural Industries.
o Establish the new roles of Trade Representative for Australia’s Manufacturing Industries and Trade Representative for Australia’s Services Industries.
o Seek to negotiate new rules on trade in agriculture that reduce trade distorting practices and improve market access and reduce international barriers for industrial products and the service industry to achieve improved access to overseas markets.
• Pursuit of Bilateral Free Trade Agreements
o The Coalition will re-establish the Trade Advisory Council, abolished by Labor, as the Coalition’s pre-eminent source of advice from the business sector on Trade and Investment issues.
o Devote increased resources to the effective conclusion of high quality and comprehensive FTAs with China, Japan, Malaysia, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Republic of Korea and Indonesia and explore the feasibility of an agreement on services with the European Union.
o A Coalition Government will support the development of the Trans-Pacific Strategy Economic Partnership Agreement, based on the expansion of the P4 free trade agreement between Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore. The Coalition views this as a stepping stone to a longer term goal of a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific.

I look forward to an announcement on Trade and Investment from the Labor Party.