Thursday, October 13, 2011

Steve inspiring Stanford Graduates

Inspiring, fascinating, funny, Beautiful -

Connecting the dots - can't do it forward - can only connect the dots looking back - they always connect, so trust your instincts and follow your dream.... Steve from Uni Dropout attending a calligraphy class - idea behind apple - copied by microsoft - getting fired - freeing him up - got married and had kids - founded next and Pixar - back to Apple.

Loved what he did - had a passion - followed his dream - live your life not others . Look until you fnd what you want to do - believe in your gut and intuiition

Being fired was worsed medicine, but best thing that happenned to him - (didn't know it at the time) had a full load with Apple managing a huge company - made him free to do other things (marry, pixar, next etc ) .

Death is a destination that we all share -- it is lifes biggest change agent - in with the old - out with the new!
Old makes way for the new!!

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