Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What do the whales need to do to survive?

The big, slow-moving slow-learning bureaucracies of the 20thCentury will be no match for the agile teams, networks and vast ecosystems that are emerging in 21st Century firms.

For whales to survive....
  • lifelong learning - create scalable learning vs scalable efficiency 
  • employees treated as assets and intellectual capital vs liabilities
  • create agile teams within organisations , networks and connected networks of collaboration between people 
  • create an ability for innovators to access their infrastructure and collaborate - apple with app developers creating value for the consumer -  app developers are part of the ecosystem.  They have no idea whether an app is worth a damn so they  let the producer put it in the app store.  If it succeeds, they get a rev share. If it fails, it goes away.

Efficiency vs adding value is key 

Creative Economy firms like Apple [APPL], Amazon [AMZN], Salesforce [CRM], Zara [BMAD:ITX] and Whole Foods [WFM], give more attention to competing on the basis of the value they add to customers than to simply how efficient they are.


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