Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Leibovich boys make another catch of the day with Matt Berriman’s Unlockd

The next Aussie Unicorn? 

Matt BERRIMAN and Unlockd  - now $20m annuity revenue  - high growth company - can it build to an annual annuity revenue of $200m? 

Sophisticated investors, Lachlan Murdoch backed , Peter Gemmell , Margaret Jackson and catch of the day boys 

Hazi and Gabby Leibovich think so.

Unlockd is an advertising play - members release their phone in exchange for advertising. Every time they unlock phone - they get an ad every 3rd time and get points

Surveys,  watching videos etc , complete surveys and tasks is another feature that is gaining traction .

Priya Dobra - ex m and a guy at time Warner joined the board - adding governance and opportunity for acquisition growth to the board.

Exciting times for this startup! 


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