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Making it in Hollywood

BSI, in conjunction with Eric Feig from the USA, facilitated an information evening for Australian writers and actors who are keen to succeed in the USA.

9 Companies Launched their technologies to 20+ journalists on Tuesday 27 May 2007

Natalie Apostolou – Digital Media – 29 May 2008

A COLLECTION of Australia’s emerging technology innovators were showcased this week in a US-styled private pitch forum to

invi ted media. Branded "Launchpad", the event was organised by self described “venture catalysts” BSI.

BSI director Alan Milwidsky said the forum – based on BSI’s established Investor Forum model, but replacing investors with journalists – is an opportunity for emerging and evolving innovators to get direct access and exposure to the media.

The diverse array of companies are all at differing stages of capital raising and most are too focused on establishing

and growing their businesses to invest in an elaborate and costly PR strategy, Milwidsky said. “This is a low cost way to get exposure to the mainstream media. It’s quick, effective and direct,” he added. Based on the success of the inaugural event, which was supported by the New South Wales Department of Sate and Regional Development, BSI

plans to hold three such forums a year. Industry participants said that privately backed forums such as this would be

essential to sustaining innovation in the digital and technology sectors, particularly in light of the Federal Government’s decision to scrap the Commercial Ready program.

Key presentations included Bluetooth marketing specialist Aura, which has already received first round investment

funding and is an established leader in mobile marketing and wireless proximity solutions. The company which has

already launched in Hong Kong is planning to expand to the US, opening New York and Los Angeles offices within six months. Aura has already rolled out award winning Bluetooth campaigns with Hoyts and recently secured a deal with the Australian Jockey Club to broadcast race tips and branded content to race goers mobile phones.

David Yonan, founder and director of Easybiz, an SEO-based business directory, launched its SME focused platform that allows a DIY approach to online search and marketing. “Australia is a nation of two million small businesses, of which the majority have few or no staff. These businesses can’t afford to spend tens of thousands on a website. But they can afford to get an SEO’d website that puts them toe-to-toe with the big online brands,” he said. Easybiz launched in test mode in March with a core of “several hundred business listings” and 30 new businesses
joining every week, he said.

Online advertising and behavioural targeting specialists Emaginet launched its “Self-Signup Wizard” service which enables advertising to be tailored to the interests of a targeted customer segment. Offering data mining, behaviour tracking and customer segmentation, the company claims tailoring online advertising to behaviour-tracking rules increases the ad’s effectiveness by around 300%. Initial customers include Perisher Blue and Postclick, and the company claims it is on track to deliver 600 million page impressions per year within the next 12 months.

Online publishing developers EVO Connect launched its EVO Brochure product, a platform for magazines,newsletters and brochures which offers enhanced ezine capabilities such as embedded websites, Flash-based capability of incorporating animations, video and voice alongside words and graphics to deliver a rich, interactive experience. Developed locally, the EVO Brochure is being brought to market in the US and Britain as well as Australia, where initial customers have included CS Bank and All Phones, with Singleton Ogilvy & Mather company, Solutions Marketing & Research recently appointed as exclusive Australian distributor.

Job listing provider au claims to be rivalling the dominance of Seek with over 300,000 job listings. Launched in 2007 it is a specialised job search engine which aggregates job content from approximately 100 job sites around Australia. The most popular industries for job search in the last quarter have been mining (7.2%), information and technology (5.7%) and hospitality and tourism (5.7%).

Other companies which presented included Bio Recognition Systems, a R&D focused a biometric developer and manufacturer of biometric readers and associated software solutions and Loop9 a mobile SMS-based travel service which delivers 24/7 real time travel information globally.

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Sleek & Svelte Conference Phone From Crinia

By Branko Miletic | Friday | 30/05/2008

The Crinia AC100 conference phone can be connected to the Ethernet for use as a VOIP telephone and is the only telephone system where the user can record the calls onto a portable USB Flash Drive. These recordings can be played back on the AC100 or stored on a computer for future reference or distributed as required.

The Crinia AC100 consists of a Base Station, a Tower, a Handset and a Junction Box. The system is also provided with a portable USB Flash Drive.

The Base Station is the system's CPU - it processes all the external connections and is the battery charger for the Tower and the Handset.

The Tower is the element of the system used for conference calls, includes a high performance speaker and four microphones.
The Handset is the system's user interface. It's also a cordless telephone. All the information is displayed and entered by a touch-screen LCD.

The Junction Box contains the power supply, mains and Ethernet connections and the USB Flash Drive is used to store recorded calls and plugs into the Base Station.

The Crinia AC100 can be connected directly to a telephone line or to any analogue port on a PBX.For connections to a digital PBX an interface may be required.

Crinia's proprietary Wireless Network handles all communications between the various elements of the system, Base Station, Handset and Tower(s).

This technology was developed to cope with Crinia's 16kHz sampling rate (twice of what is used by other conference phones), 2Mps data transmission rate instead of the normal 1Mps, low power consumption and extended operating range.

Easybiz Search Engine Platform For SMBs

By Branko Miletic | Friday | 30/05/2008

BSI Client, Easybiz, a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)-based business directory has released its commercial platform that provides small businesses with a value-for-money means of building the type of SEO-enabled website.

Easybiz draws on high-end Web development expertise (including SEO and search-engine friendly design knowledge drawn from building some of Australia's largest websites).

Easybiz advertisers who have an unique URL (as well as an Easybiz URL for their business) typically find that their Easybiz address ranks above their own URL in a Google search on their business name.

Easybiz's powerful search algorithm provides a source of competitive advantage for businesses, as it allows their customers to find the business by searching on their name, or on products that the

Additionally, Easybiz also provides businesses with an easy-to-build or update website that includes, uniquely in the market, five pages of catalogue ? making it an suitable for retailers who want to promote in-store ranges or store specials.
Easybiz typically costs less than $1,000 pa to deliver its benefits to growing businesses.

SMS Concierge Service For Travellers From Loop9

By Branko Miletic | Monday | 02/06/2008

A BSI Client, Melbourne-based IT company Loop9, has now put vital day to day and minute to minute - information literally into the palm of the business traveller?s hand, via SMS to their mobile phone, courtesy of its new development Travel Messenger.

It covers 200 countries and 3000 cities around the globe. So if users want flight information, travel warnings, hotel details, essential foreign phrases, currency exchange rates, weather updates, news updates, entertainment information - it can be sent straight to their mobile phone via SMS 24/7.

And, flight wise, users receive flights reminders, information on flight delays, gate changes and other vital information affecting their departures.

Travel Messenger is simple to use; users just register through their corporate travel agent. There is no complicated software to download, as it is all based on SMS.


Booking Angel - Pay per View - exciting Investment!!

Letter from the founder and CEO Dean McEvoy to me this week
Just wanted to bring your attention to an article in the New York Times on Booking Angel. (No it’s not an April Fools joke ;-) It is great they picked up on it only a week after going live in the US with and before we have gone live with and their sales force. For those of you in Palo Alto – you can book a local restaurant here (Let me know if you have some feedback). We will be live with over 4000 restaurants in the next month across Los Angeles so stay tuned for this and even more exciting developments as we jump into the US market.

The American sites join NineMSN’s, and recently as users of our easy online reservation system.

Its been long hours above and beyond the call with the whole team. - our programming team Gerry Tan, Dave Watson and Jarrad Kabral. Brilliant persistence from our VP of Business Development Alex Daniel as well as lots of help along the way from people like Peter Love, Chris Martin and David Varnes plus our other suppliers, mentors, investors (ADI, Information City, various individuals, family & friends, Visa & American Express ;-p) and partners. It’s just the beginning but just wanted to give you all an idea of the people behind Booking Angel and publicly thank them.

Hope you are all well. Look forward to catching up in Sydney or the US in the next few months. I used this really cool predictive search engine from Google to see what might be written about Booking Angel in the future. You should check out what it can predict for you


Dean McEvoy
C.E.O & Founder
Aus Office: Suite 301, 55 Holt St | Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
p 1300 367 148 | d +612 8005 0215 |
m +61 414 421 978 |f. +612 9475 0632 |

U.S.A office: 6464 Sunset Blvd, Suite 610
Hollywood CA 90028 |+ 1 408 540 6437 | Skype:Bookingangel.