Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Success and Failure and Noah's Rules

It was my Daughter Heidi's Graduation Ceremony Last Night... and there were a few gems spoken b at the Valedictory dinner worth sharing:-

Success and Failure

Failure is a fine friend. It gives you time to reflect, change your future, step back . You cannot recognise success until you have felt the fierce feeling of failure.
Embrace it!

Noahs rules

  • Plan.. Ark was built before the flood
  • Stay fit.. After 600 yrs you may be asked to be doing someething fit
  • Build with faith... Ark built by amateurs ... Titqanic by profressionals
  • Build on high ground
  • Believe in your goals and follow your beliefs no matter what others say
  • Believe
  • Take action
(I am sure there were others.... help me build a set of rules by adding to this post)

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