Sunday, July 01, 2012

5 things your financial planner needs to do for you

Analysing a client’s financial position and cash flow is similar to a doctor conducting a full health check on their clients at the start of their relationship, or a personal trainer with their client when they come to the gym to change their state of health.

The adviser needs to assess the client's
·         current income and expenditure,
·        current financial position,  
·         investment behaviour characteristics,
·         attitude towards risk
·         aspirations and goals  – short, medium and long term
providing a realistic framework for advice…. what needs to change, where to focus and determine the coaching needs to be applied. 

All in all, this provides a more holistic approach to financial planning.

Make sure you find a financial planner that does this for you!!! see

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John Smith said...

Without knowing your current financial position how will you plan for the future? That is why a financial planner has to check up on your financial health.
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