Sunday, July 01, 2012

Selling Excess Furniture on Ebay

We are de cluttering our house and are getting rid of some of our prize possessions!!
This is the first time I am using EBay and Pay pal... It will be interesting to see how it works!!
Feel free to click on relevant items and buy!!

2 Display Yellowwood Tables

 2 Seater Leather Lounge Recliner
this was purchased for  $2,000 a few years ago.... sad to get rid of it!!

THis has been sold for $250!! - we will miss it!!

Unbelievably Comfortable TV Lounge Suite

Many a good snooze was had in front of the TV!!!

This has been sold to a wonderful family in Central Coast for $113.50 .. may they enjoy!!

Large Gold Gilt Framed Mirror 1230cm X 1060cm

Traditional Old School Desk

Sold to Tamarra for $20 - what a bargain!!

10 Office Chairs due to relocation

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