Friday, December 21, 2012

Sungha Jung Playing "WOnderful Tonight - Eric Clapton

This kid is an inspiration... a gift from the Universe!!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to Get massive exposure for your website, get trafic and become a guru

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants who have massive exposure on google already!
Telstra, MSN, Channel 9, Yahoo, channel 7, KPMG etc, Spark Magazine, Key players in your industry.

These giants in your marketplace have already invested years of hard work, and put blood, sweat and tears into making sure that they get traffic to their site.
  • They have already built a platform.
  • They already have a following and a community.
  • They already have top rankings in Google.
Leverage their status - create content for them

Simply approach one of these Giants in your marketplace, and ask to create content for them. That way you can post your content on one of the top-ranked sites in Google – without having to worry about backlinks, registering your domain, or making your post “Google friendly.”
You can just focus on the content itself.
Create a high-value, engaging piece of content for another person’s blog. (Whats in it for them!)
It can be a written blog post, a video, a regular column or podcast – whatever that plays to your strengths.

Approach the Giants
  • Don't be scared
  • ASK
  • You just need to approach them in the right way… 
“What’s their objective? In other words, what’s in it for them? Why would this Giant want to post your content on their blog? You need to understand and support their self-interests. Most Giants want highly engaging content for their audience. So if you’re actually creating high-quality articles and videos for their sites, that gives them value for their community. It also shows that they have connections with intelligent people. So it helps position them as an authority.

In summary, create valuable content, then deliver that content on a silver platter to the biggest giants in your industry. This is an easy way to gain authority, traffic and attention. Who needs SEO?

for great insights go to and download Growthpac!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Have you got a Core Purpose?

Tristan White is a husband to Kimberley and a dad to little Alexandra (born in 2011). He's a qualified physiotherapist, Ironman triathlete, blogger and CEO of The Physio Co – Australia’s eighth Best Place to Work.

Why is it so important to create a strong workplace culture? Because a strong culture leads to better performance, higher retention and a more aligned organisation

A core purpose that clearly defines exactly why an organisation exists is a powerful legacy a leader can create. It sets the path for others to follow. 
It helps create a strong work culture, which in turn leads to better performance, higher retention, amore  aligned . congruent organisation.

You need a short, sharp core purpose. Why you organisation exists. It's a brief statement that anyone can read and think, 

"Yep, got it. I know exactly what they're up to".
    •  the core purpose of Facebook is to 'make the world more open and transparent'. Like it or not, with over one billion users sharing photos, videos, ideas and updates, every day the world is more open and transparent thanks to Facebook.
    • the core purpose of 10X is to help SME's Grow through coaching , training and connecting
    • the core purpose of Ark Total Wealth is to "take you beyond what you thought possible"
    • the core purpose of the Physio Co is 'to help oldies stay mobile, safe and happy'. 
Those few words are  powerful in aligning your team and growing your culture, says Tristan.  Potential team members immediately know that physio for aged care residents is our thing. Just as importantly, our clients love that we are completely focused on oldies, we're not trying to be everything to everyone.

If you have a difficult decision to make, refer to your core purpose to see if it fits! Referring back to your core purpose takes emotion out of many decisions.

To build a strong workplace culture for your team, start by discovering your own core purpose!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Entrpreneurs can change the world

ANd this is why we do what we do!! welcome to club fear!

Remember when you were a kid and thought you can do anything?
WELL,,, you still can
1 person can make a difference
with a clear vision, determination and persistance
there will be obstacles and turbulance - but this creates opportunities
pushing us
making a better world
coach, train and connect
heal the economy - take us to new heights
how can we live better
discover new ways of doing things
driving innovation
creating jobs
making a better world
fuelling growth
this is small business
this is our entrepreneurs
lets connect and help each other! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

5 things to do before Xmas - to build your business!!

Email from jonathan at strategymix - sage Advice

There is effectively one week to go before Christmas. It is now too late for you to do any marketing until late January.

However, there is a lot that you could be doing and preparing now in order to be ready to use marketing to grow your practice in 2013.

Here are just 5 examples:

1.    Get a better understanding of how you might use marketing to grow your business
2.    Decide on which target markets you plan to focus 90% of your marketing resources in 2013
3.    Obtain internal agreement on an appropriate marketing budget for your practice
4.    Develop 5 key messages that explain to your prospects why you are unique
5.    Create 1 or 2 white papers to demonstrate your thought leadership

Monday, December 03, 2012

Over $8000 of value for just 50c per day

On behalf of 10X and BSI, we are delighted to be able to offer you 10X GrowthPac.


Supported and heavily subsidised by a national network of small-business-specialist Accounting firms, Lawyers, Planners and Business Coaches, 10X GrowthPac has been designed to jump your business out of the slow-lane of our multi-speed economy.

Allen J Pathmarajah, Executive Chairman of AJP Advisers and former Managing Director of Great Eastern Life Assurance says:

"10x growthpac is a fantastic initiative for SMEs, who represent such a significant part of our society - it would have been invaluable to my 4,000 brokers at Great Eastern. I greatly look forward to your launch in Singapore"

10X GrowthPac includes over $8,000 of value and - whilst this offer lasts* - is available to you for just $182.50. No small print. No strings attached.

10X GrowthPac entitles members to:

10X Business School - Unlimited access to Australia's premiere collection of online business training tools and resources.

10X Connect -2 tickets to each of two business breakfasts where you can swap leads and ideas with other growth-minded small business owners

10X Professional Development -2 tickets to each of two business seminars in areas of interest to you and the growth of your business

and more.

We encourage you to take advantage of this phenomenal package and would be happy to explain how it could benefit your business, if required.

Exporting: assistance is close to home

Great article on assistance for Exporters
If you want to export and maximise your government grant, call us at BSI
On 02 926233333 and ask for peter, Harvey or Ivan

Sydney Morning herald
Date: December 03 2012
Christopher Niesche

COMPANIES can only grow so much in Australia, with a population of less than 23 million, so those with bigger ambitions often need to look to export markets.

Along with helping to expand a business, exporting can also spread risk and reduce dependence on the Australian market alone, says the government's export assistance arm, Austrade.

''Exporting exposes you to new ideas, management practices, marketing techniques, and ways of competing that you wouldn't have experienced by staying at home. All this considerably improves your ability to compete in the domestic market as well,'' Austrade notes in its online guide to exporting.

Ivan Kaye, the chief executive of corporate advisory firm Business Strategies International, says almost any successful Australian business is a candidate for export markets, because if they're managing to thrive in Australia with the high dollar and the reduction of import tariffs, they're likely to be able to compete overseas.

''What you find is that with people who succeed, it's not really based on whether the product is amazing or not, because the reality is that if the product or service is viable in Australia, the chances are that it's pretty much exportable,'' he says.

''Someone who's successful in Australia has to compete internationally anyway.''

Mark Gustowski, global business development manager at business advisory company Pyksis, regularly takes business owners and managers overseas to help them explore export markets and to make contacts. He has six tips for successfully entering an export market:

1. Have a flexible business model. The model that used to sell in Australia might not work in other markets. ''A lot of companies … have a very fixed idea on how they're going to access the market, but it just doesn't work,'' says Gustowski.

2. Protect your intellectual property. Before a company expands overseas, it should seek trademarks of business names and patents of technology in the overseas territory.

3. Use trusted partners. ''Use established paths to market and supply chains … like Pyksis or another company that has access to those alliances in another country that can connect you up to the right distribution or manufacturing partners.''

4. Use in-country expertise. The US, for instance, has different local, state and federal regulations and taxes, and so local expertise is crucial. China is similarly complex.

5. Consider the corporate structure. The Australian corporate structures do not always have corresponding entities overseas, so it is necessary to explore the legal forms an overseas venture can take.

6. Have a budget. ''Companies need a formalised budget that is everything to do with sales, marketing, distribution, airfares - and then double it, because it will probably cost twice as much as they expect,'' says Gustowski.

Austrade has a program of grants - Export Market Development Grants - aimed at helping exporters break into foreign markets.

Once a company has decided to enter an export market, it needs to decide how best to do this. It can use a foreign-based distributor, who sells it through its own networks and distribution channels.

Kaye says this is a risk-free approach for the exporter, but the distributor might also be representing other products, and might not necessarily focus on the exporter's product.

A company appointing its own representative can ensure that person is focused only on its business, and the grants can be used to help pay the representative's salary.

This material is subject to copyright and any unauthorised use, copying or mirroring is prohibited.