Friday, March 22, 2013

Join my Referron Network

If you would like someone to refer you to their friends for your excellent service or products, invite them to do so using referron.

If you know someone who you would be proud to refer to your friends to- use referron. (
 to enable you to join my referral network, click below


For businesses
once invited...  become a "referron business" and reward your champion and leads! Your first 3 referrals are free. There is a CRM to manage your leads on the backend, that will integrate with your existing CRM or accounting system.

For Fans
If you know someone who you believe provides an awesome service, or has a brilliant product, refer them using referron, and ask them to define what their reward will be. Rewards can be managed, changed and redeemed on your phone.

For Leads
Get solid referrals from friends who you trust and respect, and get a reward (coupon) for trying the product or service

Referron from Referron on Vimeo.

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