Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Some Gems from Start-Up Entrepreneurs - what are yours?

Kumar Subramanum - Media Melon see interview 

  • Partner with others who are bigger, 
  • partner with as many as possible, 
  • build a great team that is complementary to each other
Dean Mcevoy - Spreets and Booking Angel see interview 
  • Validate your idea
  • Try different things
  • Ready , Aim, Fire - Just do it!
Simon Butler - Eone and Contivio - see profile
  • Define your market
  • Make sure your product is a painkiller
  • Do well and let themm talk
  • persistance and commitment to see it to the end
M Seebety
  • Focus on core business
  • Focus on Customer needs - not technology and gadgets
Richard Zippel - Sun Microsystems
  • Be passionate and believein what you have got
Damian Perry
  • Strong People - hire the best
  • Stay focussed
Gilad Shlag - CEO Meemix see video 
  • What is your Competitive Advantage
  • Size of market
  • Team is key
  • Find good investors and look after them 
Ron Yekutiel - CEO Kaltura - see video  and another 
  • Entrepreneurship is an art not a science
  • be able to turn 180 degrees in another direction
  • Follow your dream
  • Focus
  • Passionate, enjoy
  • Delegate
  • Do it

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