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Steps to Signing up to referron

 This is an email I sent to a Customer wanting to subscribe to referron

hope this helps

Register for referron  (either on the phone (by downloading  the referron app on the "app store" or "google play" or on .  If you would like to connect with me, feel free to do so!
Go to Profile on your web portal
Once you have registered,  
•    fill out your profile on your portal,
•    create a referron username (this will create a link for you to use to invite people to join you on referron)
•    download your logo,
•    write a few sentences about you under "story"
•    and under billing you will be able to get unlimited referrals for the year for $200!

Go to "Promote"  on the web portal

Build your Network  - by copying the code to your website (give this to your web developer if you don't know how)  and by copying the email signature to add to your email signature, so people can refer directly to you.
The Dashboard, Activity and Connect Tabs
This gives you details of your activity.
Who you have referred to, , who has connected with you and who has referred to you, and which leads you need to follow up.
This information, can be downloaded into any CRM or accounting system, so the referrals you make and receive can be tracked and commercialised!
As they say , what you can measure you can manage!
Download the app on your phone
Enter your email and password
Press the little button to insert your photo, and check your story (you may have to fix up your story on the phone)
Click the "R" to start referring,
Press "OK" to allow you to check your contents
And you are ready to refer!
For more information about referron and how to use it, these links may be useful...
Happy referring!

The referron opportunity

Thanks for liking  referron

connect with me on referron . I have had 118 referrals since its launch 6 weeks ago!

Referron enables you to refer to and get referred by someone you know like and trust within 3 taps of your phone.

- enables you to refer on he fly
- enables you to track and reward your referrals from your own referron portal.
- enables you to mobilise your social network to take action
- allows you to engage with your social network
- enables you to encourage people to connect with you on your blogs, web pages, social networks and emails
- enables you to identify who your advocates are and nurture them
- keeps you top of mind with people who know like and trust you
- free to download and refer, and your first 3 referrals a moth are free, thereafter, a nominal fee per month

The more you refer to people who know, like and trust you, the more referrals you will get.(the law of reciprocation)

There is an affiliate model, where you 40% commission on people you refer.
It's free to download and refer, but once you get 3 referrals per month, you pay 20 per month or 200 per year.

For more details of how referron can work for a corporate...

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Explanation to what Referron is about in a few sentences!

Rob and Mike, I will send you an invite to connect with me on referron!

  • Referron enables you to refer and get referred by people you know like and trust, track your referrals, reward and get rewarded.
  • Easy to refer …. With 3 taps of your phone!!
  • It becomes addictive, and helps people grow their business!!

Free to download, refer and get referred and then 200 per annum for unlimited referrals and a referral CRM on the backend and an ability to mobilise your social network!

Happy referring

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11 leadership lessons from a jazz musician

Josh Linkner -

18 June, 2013

Josh is a successful entrepreneur and a VC, but would like to be known as a jazz musician. 

jazz is his passion

While on the surface it would seem that jazz musicianship is the polar opposite of running a business, the two practices are linked in numerous ways.

Just as you'd learn a great deal from a trusted advisor, so too can non-traditional sources help you to expand your knowledge base. 

Jazz musicians are agile and dynamic, carrying their group's song and themes through the diversified landscape to the end. 

Josh says that he doesn't  know anyone better to provide leadership advice than a professional jazz player for this very reason. 

Josh gives 11powerful takeaways Ihe has picked up along the way from incredible musician leaders--let these lessons shine at your business, and take you beyond what you thought possible! 

1. Playing it safe gets you tossed off the stage. Some executives would say that in today's turbulent economy, takings risks isn't wise. If you don't take risks you'll never excel. Playing it safe all the time becomes the most dangerous move of all.

2. There are no do-overs in live performances. For every hour in a "performance" setting, you should spend five hours practicing. Athletes do this, musicians do this--muscle memory is no different in the board room, in front of a new client, or with your team. So why aren't you doing this?

3. Listening to those around you is three times more important than what you play yourself. If you're the one talking all the time, you're not learning anything. Listen, absorb what you hear, and use the information to make a conscious choice about whatever you're facing.

4. There's a time to stand out as a soloist and a time to support others and make them shine. You rocked a project--nicely done. Praise is well-deserved. However, as a leader, it's more likely the case that your team members rocked a project, together. Susie was on top of her game with the slide deck? Tell her--and tell the client. Johnny couldn't have articulated the challenge to the press any more astutely? Refer back to his commentary as a stellar example. When you can share the wealth, everyone wins.

5. Expect surprises and adversity, since jazz (and life) is about how you respond and adapt. If running a business was always smooth sailing, everyone would do it. That being said, the old adage explains that "a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." Anticipate hurdles and maximize your team's effort to jump over them.

6. Know your audience. If you're playing for a group that's looking forward to something slow and calming and you get on stage and play a wild and crazy, upbeat riff, nobody will dig it--even if it's a well-crafted piece. Your customers are the same. If you're not working to provide them with something they want and need, you're doomed to fail.

7. It's always better leaving people wanting more, rather than less. Of course as you live and breathe your business, you have a visceral urge to share every piece of minutia with anyone who asks. Don't. Instead of pouring it all on at once, give people a teaser, so they crave the next bit you explain. In similar fashion, don't try and launch 15 products at once for a new line; start with one or two to get people begging for more.

8. The best leaders are those that make others sound good. Big band leaders bring out the best in their troupes--during a sax solo, his job is to make sure the drum line supports the sax player with a quality backdrop to make the riff shine especially bright. Are you putting these pieces together on your team? Where could someone excel that they're being held back? Shatter those boundaries and encourage creativity to soar.

9. Pattern recognition is easier than raw genius. If you drive the same way to work every day for a year, you're bound to learn about--and avoid--the pothole on Main Street that you pass each time. Jazz is no different; if you've played combinations countless times, it becomes second nature to pair new things together based on previous patterns. So too in business, seasoned executives and professionals have seen so many types of people, deals, projects, and processes, so it becomes much easier for them to avoid these proverbial potholes, rather than having to start from scratch every time.

10. Shy musicians are starving artists. If you're playing a gig, you get paid when there's butts in seats, so you can't be shy in telling people about the upcoming show. Why haven't you been this bold in your new product launch? Are your employees evangelical about your company's culture? Are your vendors singing your praises?

11. Keeping it new and fresh is mandatory. Jazz has its roots in real-time, collaborative innovation, just like the act of starting and growing companies. If you're not actively seeking new challenges and ways to expand your horizons, you are automatically falling behind.

Legendary jazz pianist Dave Brubeck put it best, and his words resonate not only on stage for musicians but also in life for business leaders. As he so eloquently described it, "There's a way of playing safe, there's a way of using tricks and there's the way I like to play, which is dangerously, where you're going to take a chance on making mistakes in order to create something you haven't created before."

How Dave Brubeck roles - a lesson in leadership and innovation

"There's a way of playing safe,there's a way of using tricks and there's the way I like to play, which is dangerously, where you're going to take a chance on making mistakes in order to create something you haven't created before."

Josh Linkner
18 June, 2013

Pursue Purpose with Passion

Apple build products and services that they love and want to use themselves. They connect deeply to the impact they will make on customers, and follow their hearts instead of chasing the dollar! As a result, the money follows. Big time.

Innovation Wins

 The culture at Apple celebrates the risk takers. The dreamers. The creators. They realize that creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of the organization, and have built a culture and philosophy that rewards it.

Steve's 11 indelible philosophies that led him to a path of legendary

Posted by Josh Linkner

1)    Put Passion First – He followed his heart and let the operational details fall into place.  He refused to put a governor on his burning desire to reach new heights.

2)    Never Limit Your Imagination – He always imagined the ideal solution or product and never cut corners or watered down his most potent ideas due to setbacks or fear.

3)    Pursue Greatness over Money – Steve didn’t chase the mighty dollar.  Rather, he focused on making the biggest possible impact and the money followed.

4)    Demand Excellence – Critics complain of his exacting style and “unrealistic” demands.  There’s a natural gravitational force of mediocrity, and sometimes it takes an aggressive stance to rise above the sea of sameness.

5)    Put Yourself Out of Business – Steve was never satisfied, and constantly strove to be the force of disruptive change that would make the Steve of six months ago irrelevant.  Never clinging to past successes, he maintained intense urgency around continuous reinvention.

6)    Challenge Conventional Wisdom – When there were norms, he lived to shatter them.  Nearly every step of his success can be traced to inspired thinking that stuck his finger in the eye of the complacent incumbents.

7)    Simplify – ‘Nuff said.

8)    Ignore the Naysayers – If he listened to the “sound advice” of others, we’d never even know his name.  He never let the fear of others interfere with his own trajectory.

9)    Persist – While today he sits victorious, there were many times he nearly lost it all.  There were dark days at Apple, Pixar, and even in his personal life.  Where others throw in the towel, Steve stared into the abyss and never accepted defeat.

10)   Never Pigeonhole – Steve wasn’t a “computer executive.”  He was a visionary change agent and could not be constrained. He realized his calling was far beyond any categorical label.

11)   Push Beyond What You Think is Possible – When Steve heard “that can’t be done”, it only emboldened his resolve.  He constantly drove himself and others to reach new heights.

Whether you’re building a tech startup, raising three kids or running a soup kitchen, these indelible philosophies serve as a roadmap to success.  While you may organize your thoughts on your MacBook, communicate with your team on your iPhone, and later jam some tunes on your iPod, the impact of Steve Jobs is far greater than the devices he’s provided.  Rather, he’s given us a model to reach our full potential.

Steve famously said he wanted to “put a ding in the universe.”  You have done that, my friend, and so much more.  The impact you’ve made is immeasurable, and has inspired a generation to “think different.”  Thank you for taking the path less travelled, for conquering the never-been-done, and for leading with purpose.  Thank you for changing the world.

Monday, July 22, 2013

What to consider when buying a property? - Ark Sydney Seminar - 15 Spots available!

The Ark Team have analysed the key areas to consider when purchasing an investment property and how to stress less at auctions.

To compliment this, they will be a hosting a special seminar on 'How to Purchase Property?' which will cover the important research you need to undertake, how to get the best loan and understanding what it will cost you.

With interest rates at a 20 years low, activity in the property market has increased significantly over the past few months. Last weekend we witnessed record clearance rates in Sydney, with over 80% of the listed auctions selling. In Brisbane, the rate was 65%, which is nearly double the clearance rate this time last year.
It is important in times like these to go back to the fundamentals and basics of property and not get caught up in the emotion and media. 
We are running a seminar on 'What to consider when buying a property?' and it will cover off the following;
- What is the critical research you need to undertake? and how do you do it?
- How do you find the right property for you? 
- Should you buy a home or investment and what is the difference?
- What will a property cost you?
- How to stress less at an Auction?
- The different tax consequences - including buying in super
As an example of some of the content we will cover at the seminar, here are 5 tips on what you need to consider when buying a property;

Is it a home or investment?

This is the first decision you need to make. Although the purchase might initially be a home and then an investment later it is very rare you find the perfect investment and home in one. You need to understand what your preference is - are you making a lifestyle decision or a financial one? This will help you when you are analysing the property.

What can you afford as opposed to what the banks will give you?

Yes it is very important to get an approval from the bank about how much you can borrow but it is more important to understand what you can afford. Just because the bank will give you $1million, doesn't mean you can afford that. You need to analyse your cash flow and understand what the cost of the property will be. When calculating the cost of a home, you need to take into account the rent you might be paying.

Have you done your research?

When we say research, it doesn't just mean the location, amenities and property specifics. You need to make sure you complete your building and strata research to understand if there are any inherent problems in the building such as water leaks, poor strata management etc. You also need to get your solicitor to review the contracts to understand the property in real detail.

What structure do you purchase it in?

There are several options when purchasing a property - joint names, family trust, super and individually. Each option has pros and cons, and it is dependent on your situation. In some cases, it might be a combination of the above to get the right outcome. The issues you need to consider are tax, estate planning, asset protection and flexibility. 

Are you attending Auctions?

This can be a very nerve wrecking and stressful time for any purchaser. The key with auctions is to be realistic and be prepared. When you buy at an auction, you need to exchange and pay the deposit on the day of the auction if you are the successful bidder. This means you waive your cooling off period - so there is no going back. This means you need to be prepared well before the auction day. This includes having your solicitor review the contracts, have your building/strata reports completed and have you deposit ready to go. The second part is to be realistic - have your price that you are willing to go up to and if you don't get it then there will be another one. It is disappointing, but unfortunately that is the way auctions operate. Your buying strategy doesn't really matter if someone else is prepared to pay more than what you are. 
We hope you can join us for the seminar on Wednesday the 14th of August from 6pm.
Click here to regsiter.   
The Ark Team

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Here is a gem for the 20 something's! The power of compound interest

Start saving early and use the power of compound interest
Sally and Jane each invest $5,000 per year at 8% per annum. 

Sally, who started at 25 years old will have $1,404,000 in savings when she is 65. 

Jane, who started at 45 years old will only have $252,000 at 65. 

Why? Because Sally has harnessed the power of compound interest and has grown her principal by compounding her interest over a longer period of time.

Contact the team at Ark

Referron : 8 reasons to referron

Referron : 8 reasons to referron: connect with me on referron . I have had 114 referrals since its launch 6 weeks ago! Referron enables you ...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Referron Sponsoring SME's to attend a 2 day seminar with the Industry Rockstars!

Last month we launched an exciting new smartphone app called Referron, an app that enables you to refer to and get referred by someone you know , like and trust within 3 taps of your phone, with the ability to track and reward your referrals!
It's been a whirlwind since then, with Referron taking the market by storm - mostly because it's the missing link for any business that gets sales through word-of-mouth referrals (and that means just about EVERY business) by making it really easy for your customers to refer your service to every contact in their phone... yes, you read that right, every contact in your customer's phone.
Imagine what a difference that kind of referral power could make to your bottom line!
Now I've got some more great news for you... and it includes a Free Gift to you valued at $147.
Naturally, I want to help people using Referron to be as successful as possible, and the best way to raise awareness of the app is to have users talking about how much business they've been able to bring in by using it.
That's why we've decided to sponsor some unique business workshops around the country over the next few weeks.
Kane Minkus is a serial entrepreneur who has launched 5 multi-million dollar businesses, all in different industries. 
He made each one successful through networking, personal branding and building a high profile within the industry.
Kane is in Australia to teach you these same strategies... because, with the right personal brand and profile, new clients and business opportunities will seek you out rather than you always needing to chase them.
Tickets to these 2 day workshops were discounted to $47 each, however, thanks to our sponsorship of the event, you can now book in at no charge.
Click here to learn more and book your complimentary seat
In addition to learning the most cutting-edge strategies for personal branding, these workshops are an ideal environment for networking to find new business.
You'll be in a room with a couple of hundred like minded businesspeople, who all understand the value of referrals to generate sales.
Spend some time networking, and I guarantee you'll make some valuable contacts to find new business.
This is the perfect place to use Referron for generating new sales; make sure it’s installed on your phone before you attend.Click here to connect with me,  Upload your profile and download the app.

So grab a seat now, as my guest, the first event is less than a week away! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Referron sponsoring Untold Secrets of Industry Rockstars in Sydney on 27-28 July so you can go gor free

Referron is  proud to be sponsoring Universal Stars "Untold Secrets of Industry Rockstars" - it should be great!

Below is an invitation from Karen:-

Great News!

We’ve just finalised an exciting new sponsorship arrangement with Referron, the iPhone and Android app that is taking Australian businesses by storm.

What this means for you, Ken, is that you can now get Standard Seating at the Untold Secrets of Industry Rockstars event coming up in Sydney on 27-28 July for Free!

If you are a coach, consultant, business owner or anyone who knows you could be bringing in a lot more business, but instead you find yourself feeling “stuck” wondering where your next client is coming from…

… you are going to love the step by step system Kane Minkus has for helping you to:

  • Build your profile
  • Become recognised as an expert in your chosen field
  • Attract high-paying clients and strategic partners
  • Create a 6 to 7 figure Income easily and quickly (even in difficult times or in market that are highly competitive.

Go Here To Claim Your Complimentary Tickets Now

All Standard Seating tickets are now sponsored and available to you at no cost, for a limited time, thanks to our Event Sponsor, Referron.

And, you can upgrade to VIP for an extra special set of exclusive benefits including VIP-Only additional training sessions, lunch with Kane, priority seating and green room access all weekend, including catering and networking opportunities.

Go here to secure your place now
(with this new announcement of free tickets, remaining seats are sure to go fast).

Plus, everyone gets Kane’s brand new bonus printed book “Industry Rockstar” when they attend… that’s a further $49 bonus!
To your success,
Karen Corban
Managing Director
Universal Stars (formerly Universal Events)
PS Special thanks to our Event Sponsor, Referron, for making this free ticket offer a possibility.

Referron is an app for iPhones and Android phones. It lets you refer people to anyone in your phone’s contact list at the push of a button.

In short, it automates the process of referring people and providing feedback. We think it’s very cool indeed!

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Australia's Agricultural Exports approaching a golden period!

"The federal government released its National Food Plan in May with one of its goals being to increase Australia’s agriculture and food-related exports by 45per cent by 2025. 

A report, prepared by consultants Port Jackson Partners for ANZ Bank, and released last October called: Greener Pastures: the Global Soft Commodity Opportunity for Australia and New Zealand, stated Australia could capture up to $1.7trillion in additional revenue from agriculture exports between now and 2050 if it seized the opportunity of the Asia food boom.

ANZ head of Agribusiness, Mark Bennett, says the population and income growth in Asia is astounding and so the opportunity for Australian agriculture exporting to Asia is enormous."

Bennett says setting goals and making investment is a crucial part of capturing the food opportunity in Asia.
“Australia’s agricultural industry is being presented with an opportunity it hasn’t seen for some time,” he says. “We are witnessing a more rapid change in our end export destinations for packaged and fresh food than we could have imagined a decade ago. China’s demand for food imports from Australia has generated significant opportunities for exporters; our target consumers in China have higher incomes, and spend up to five times more on products such as dairy, seafood and meat compared to the lowest income brackets.”
Agriculture has become a "Must Have" Asset around the globe.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The top 100 Australian Innovations

Who says that Australia does not  'punch above its weight' as an 'innovation nation'?

Australians have come up with brilliant innovations and  have created successful products, processes and systems and people based on many of those ideas.

We are more than just a hole in the ground that exports raw materials!

Australians have developed innovations in nanotechnology,  biotechnology, information and communication technology at the cutting edge, and sustainability has become a major driver of Innovation. Mobile technology and Apps continues to change our lives, and we are still innovating in food, household, transported, health, education and leisure.

Innovation is all about trial and error, and over the years, many outstanding innovations have failed for a variety of reasons. It is the entrepreneurs that have an unwavering belief in themselves and their ideas and dreams, and persevere through incredible hardships to make their dreams a success.

We as a nation should encourage these innovator, and entrepreneurs and assist them in any way possible. Many of these innovations would not have occurred without the support of Government Programmes, start up investors (fools, family and friends),  that have enabled these innovators to survive and thrive! Let us hope that the policies of assisting innovation and entrepreneurship is encouraged over the years to come.

In the list that follows, there are some world-changing innovation stories

  • like Florey's leadership in taking penicillin from unstable product of a mould to useful life-saving antibiotic, 
  • the legendary blackbox that is in every aircraft; 
  • That much-cited icon of suburbia, the Victa lawnmower, makes the cut because it created a local industry that has thrived through continual innovation and has earned substantial export income. 
  • Other innovations, like Racecam TV sport coverage, which spawned a family of cams including stumpcam and slamcam, serve mainly to brighten up our lives. 
  • Referron - the worlds leading referral application

SO HERE ARE THE TOP 100 Innovations of the last 100 years:-

Agriculture and food

1.     Fire-stick farming
2. Boomerang
3. Australian merino
4. Ridley wheat stripper
5. Harrison's mechanical refrigeration

6. Granny Smith apple
7. Peppin merino
8. Ammonia refrigeration to freeze meat for export

9. Stump-jump plough
10. McKay stripper-harvester
11. Wolseley shearing machine
12. Federation wheat
13. McKay Sunshine header-harvester
14. Howard Rotavator rotary hoe

15. Vegemite
16. Nematodes for pest control, by CSIRO
17. Nogall pest control for fruit trees and roses
18. Pink Lady apple

Communication and IT

1. Pre-paid postage

2. Secret ballot, introduced in Victoria in 1856

3. Automatic totalisator
4. School of the Air

5. Mountbatten Brailler

6. Eddie special effects software
7. Ericsson's phone queuing system
8. Passport security
9. WiFi, a spin-off from CSIRO's radio-astronomy research
10. GiFi, NICTA's gigabit wireless chip
11. Jira, collaborative workplace software by Atlassian
12. Imceda – compression algorithms to sequel servers
13. Referron – referral social network system

Energy and environment

1. Goldfields Water Supply Scheme

2. Cactoblastis moth for biological control of prickly pear

3. Snowy Mountains Scheme

4. Flat plate solar hot water system
5. Rib Loc pipes
6. Clean Up Australia (and the World)
7. Buried contact solar cell
8. Orbital Combustion Process engine
9. Evacuated tube solar hot water system
10. Cap-XX capacitors to power mobile devices
11. H2Zero, Caroma's waterless urinal
12. Earth Hour
13. CSIRO ultrabattery
14. Ausra large-scale solar thermal system


1. Tea-tree oil disinfectant
2. Flying Doctor Service
3. Penicillin
4. Begg orthodontic braces
5. Microsurgery
6. Grey-scale ultrasound
7. Resmed breathing aids to treat sleep apnoea
8. IVF embryo freezing
9. Relenza influenza medication

10. Spray-on skin for burns victims

11. Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine

12. Peptic ulcer treatment with antibiotics
13. Compumedics devices for sleep diagnosis
14. Signostics hand-held ultrasound
15. Starpharma dendrimers
16. Cochlear Implant

Household and clothing

1. Brick veneer construction Speedpanel
2. Speedo swimwear
3. Shepherd castors
4. Hills hoist
5. Victa lawnmower
6. CSIRO wool technology
7. Caroma dual flush toilet
8. Balarinji designs
9. Bonds
10. Fashion - Collette Dinnigan, Akira Asigowa, Jets, Zimmerman


1. Didgeridoo
2. movie, the world's first being The Story of the Kelly Gang
3. Surf lifesaving movement
4. Fairlight music synthesiser
5. Sydney Opera House
6. Super Sopper for drying sports fields
7. Racecam
8. Water Cube

Mining and manufacturing

1. Froth flotation to separate ores
2. Humespun pipe
3. Continuous refining of lead
4. Warman slurry pump
5. Isasmelt process to win metals from ores
6. Coalscan rapid analysis of coal
7. Jameson Cell for mineral separation
8. Polymer banknote
9. Whittle mine planning software
10. Kelsey centrifugal jig for mineral separation
11. RAFT process for precise production of polymer molecules


1. X-ray crystallography

2. Flame ionisation detector for gas chromatography

3. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

4. Australia Telescope

5. Gradiflow for separating proteins


1. Michell thrust bearing

2. Black box flight recorder

3. Baby safety capsule

4. Bishop variable ratio steering

5. Audio-tactile pedestrian detector

6. Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System
7. Wave-piercing catamaran
8. Solar Sailor
9. Thompson coupling
10. Park Assist
11. CAtec’s Caliper Support System


1. Kylie Minogue
2. AC/DC
3. Midnight Oil
4. Crowded House
5. Doobie Brothers
6. The Wiggles
7. Barry Humphreys
8. Rolf Harris

Globalisation and Exports

Today, many products are born global, perhaps designed in Australia and made in China for sale in the USA and Europe.

Some innovations on the list are the result of international efforts led by Australians:

  • X-ray crystallography, penicillin, 
  • the Snowy Mountains Scheme, 
  • Sydney Opera House 
  • Water Cube, the swimming venue for the Beijing Olympics. 
  • The Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) has been adapted for use in over 30 cities around the world, 
  • Parkassist enable one to find parking in shopping centres with a lighting system and has exported their technoloigy around the world!
  • The use of tea tree oil as a disinfectant is particularly interesting because this very old product is now used around the world, including as a component of Bactigas for the very modern task of banishing bugs from air-conditioning systems. 
  • CSIRO's WiFi breakthrough has been commercialised by several large overseas companies, as has IMCEDA – SQL server compression algorithms , sold to Quest for $60m that then sold to Dell for $1.2b. The founder Douglas Chrystal is now partnering with Ivan Kaye to roll out 

Many creative industry companies have international clients. For example, Animal Logic began by creating Eddie special effects software, has continued to innovate, and has enjoyed much success in servicing the film industry.


  • The dual flush toilet reduces water use. 
  • Vegemite makes good use of a waste product from the brewing industry. 
  • Polymer banknotes last much longer than paper, saving energy in manufacture and transport. SCATS improves traffic flow, reducing fuel waste
  • CATEc in Portland has developed the Caliper Support System. The CSS is designed to significantly extend disc brake pad and rotor life for road transport vehicles.
  • The Michell thrust bearing was an early twentieth century innovation that improved energy efficiency. By radically reducing friction compared to older bearings, it reduced the amount of waste heat generated and made large turbines for ships and power stations feasible, leading to further gains in energy efficiency. 
  • In renewable energy, Martin Green's team at the University of NSW has long been at the forefront of photovoltaic research, and its buried contact solar cells are made in large numbers overseas. 
There are several other Australian groups contributing in this area,
  • Solar Sailor is an application with large potential. 
  • Solar thermal has a bright future: 
  • Ausra is building large systems in several countries; and millions of flat plate and evacuated tube collector hot water systems on roofs worldwide are based respectively on technology developed by CSIRO and by the University of Sydney. 
  • Nulok has develop a tiled roof system that is franchised worldwide. 
  • Speedpanel - has produced a building product that is better than Hebel!


  • Nogall was the first genetically modified organism released to the market anywhere in the world. 
  • The Pink Lady apple, bred by John Cripps, is the focus of an innovative marketing campaign. It is protected under Plant Variety Rights legislation that was not even imagined in Maria (Granny) Smith's day. 
  • Meanwhile, biotechnology tools are being used to assist conventional breeding programs that constantly improve many of our crops and livestock. 
  • Starpharma has a core technology (nanoscale dendrimers) that has great potential, it has some diagnostic products on the market, and it is close to releasing Vita-Gel, an HIV barrier with a huge potential market and the potential to save many lives. 

Much of GDP in Australia has been from service based industries while  mining is currently  19% .

Let’s focus on innovation and again become known as the Innovation Nation!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Australia's business rockstar reveiws referron!

Referrals are key to grow your business, says Kane and there are 3 areas that one has to overcome to make that referral work:-

1. Make it happen - when you want to refer to someone,, referron makes it easy for you to take action on the fly! - and if you refer to them, they will refer to you and your business will grow!

2. Get parties to connect to each other - referron enables this to happen by providing tools for the business to follow up their referrals.

3. Did the referral work out - referron provides the methodology of giving the referrer feedback, and gives him the ability to account and manage the referrals that he or she has given!

Kane says that the app is brilliant , and wishes that he had an application like this when building his businesses 10 years ago!  "referron is one of the best tools I have seen in a long time that helps business refer and get referred!"

A prescription for the Australian economy

Australia's successful future is based on policies and not personalities of our politicians!

Australia should continue to sell all the underground treasures it can to fast-growing developing nations. But in the long run, it's more important for the country to cultivate what's above ground. Australia's future lies in ideas, innovation and the ingenuity of its 23 million people - not in a China that's ripe for a crash.

The key for Australia is to return to the liberalising instincts of the 1980s and 1990s, when there was no behemoth gobbling up resources at record prices.
Opportunities for transitioning back to a non-mining economy abound. 

Boosting funding for research and development and exportscontinue to upskill our workforce and provide opportunities to our skilled workforce who are leaving our shores to seek opportunities overseas,  will create high-paying jobs in technology, science and education. 
Australia boasts great exporting potential in 
  • agriculture, 
  • medical supplies
  • high-end machinery.
  • technology
  • tourism