Friday, May 30, 2014

5 gems from world leading guru George Kohlrieser

I had the privilige and honour of having a few drinks with 2 leadership gurus of our time - Allen Pathmarajah And  George Kohlrieser. 
Georges keynote at The world business forum in Sydney was inspiring (allen speaks Tuesday 3 June on how executives can become inspired leaders )

these were some of the takeouts, 

1. Provide a safe base - a leader needs to create a safe base to enable people to take risks , change and grow - trust is key to drive change

You cannot expect a team that is full of fear and who are not allowed to fail - to be creative, to innovate and to dare.

 -care to Dare

2-  conflict is not a bad thing - it's a difference of opinion - it's how you handle that conflict and the power of language that will make a leader great

3 you cannot fail if you don't give up! You can achieve anything 

4.  create bonds and build relationships 

5. balance your life and enjoy the ride 

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