Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Obama talks after the election

On the plane 1 hour to Washington , listening to Obama's press conference post election 

Obamas key points / so you can tell your patients

1. His team was  key - he had the best and smartest and  as a consequence of the team - had the ability to make great decisions 

Trump needs Team toserve him well - will help with his direction .... he won't be able to do this job on his own 

2. Interconnectedness - needs immediate decisions - re globalisation - the horse has bolted - supply chains exist - will be very difficult to change 
World has shrunk - can't put genie back in box - retool retrain education - rules of game are fair .  People won't stay in 1 job - continual need to retool and retrain . Vocational EducAtion and continual upskilling is key.

3. Gestures matter - how he reaches out is important  

4 When Obama came in USA was losing 800k jobs a month
In midst of feeefall 
Collapse of housing markets - banks going broke 

Obama - was busy - from day 1 

Now -  iindicators strong. -unemployment rate low
Income and wages high
Fin systems stable 
Stock markets all time highs 

Progress in Iraq 

Alliances in strong shape

Carbon emissions strong - gas $2 per gallon

5. Will be difficult to undo policies - eg Obamacare - has helped 20m people get healthcare - If Trump can make this better - all the power to him, says Obama!

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