Friday, July 30, 2010

The 6 Reasons Why Property WIll Continue to Increase in Value

1. Property prices are already on the march: “The average period for saving a house deposit is 4.5 years
nationally, up from 3.7 years in 2009.” Sydney Morning Herald 06/07/10

2. There is a massive shortage of available property which will fuel increased demand and hence higher
prices.... “200,000 house shortage remains.” Sydney Morning Herald 07/07/10.

3. People who are sick of losing money in their superannuation have started transferring money out of their
super into property in higher numbers than ever before.... “owner-occupier buyers in Sydney are being
replaced by self managed superannuation funds who have taken money out of the share market” The
Business Spectator 01/07/10. Less than 2% of SMSF Assets are in Residential Property - this will change.

(currently >$300b in SMSF's)

4. Every stock market crash has been followed by a massive spike in property prices. Remember the dot com
crash of 1999? What did property prices do after that? They shot through the roof.... and the same thing is
about to happen again.

5. Population growth - migration into Australia will continue to increase demand for property which will in turn force prices upwards.

6. A change in Demographics, whereby the average # of people living in a house is now less than 2... meaning people will be looking to move into units that are convenient and close to amenities.

Singapore July 2010

Pulse Property and Allen Pathmarajah presented at the "Property Millionaires Seminar" hosted by Mortgage Academy and Rayney Wong. Heres hoping that we willll have a long and prosperous journey in the Singapore Market. The attendees were motivated, and ready to take action..... a recipe for success.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Your team is everything

If you want to create a very profitable business you need profitable employees.

The easiest way to get this is to hire motivated employees that can manage themselves to achieve results. This has been my most important fundamental focus the second time around. Developing a process for this and knowing who you want to hire have been two of my best upgrades to my second business.

Here are three key suggestions:

Don't hire average staff, or you will end up with an average company. Wait and slow down before hiring. It's better to just wait that much longer rather than hiring the wrong person. You don't actually need to hire a person if you are smart and just optimise the systems you are using at present.

Ask more questions, not less. The impact of who you hire impacts your other top performers in your company. Hire poor quality people and you say something to them. Hire high quality people and you breed greatness into your organisation.

You can't motivate people - you can only hire motivated people. Don't bother with motivational programs, just hire a motivated person. Do some personality profiling to figure out if a person is motivated or not and you will save yourself a lot of time from creating motivational programs and talking to staff members to motivate them.

If someone slips through your process, talk through it – perhaps they aren't suited to your company and would be better working in a big organisation where they want slow moving and predictable employees. Stop trying to motivate the average staff member in your company and just replace them instead.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ark and Liquidity Wine Evening

Ark and Liquidity, celebrating 30 June 2010 with Kevin Mitchell of Kilacanoon Wines, Toby of Bacchus Wines and Rhys of the Vinepress.