Tuesday, December 31, 2013

5 Practical Financial Resolutions for 2014

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Did you achieve your financial goals in 2013?

With New Year's Eve are you resolving to do more to improve your financial situation in 2014?

 the top 5 resolutions over the years has been

1. Reaching a savings goal 
2. Saving and investing more 
3. Having an up-to-date will 
4. Maintaining an emergency fund (fruit on the sideboard! )
5. Getting a new job or a better job with higher pay 

When it comes to setting resolutions, keep in mind that financial toughness is a marathon, not a sprint, 

Just as you don't hit a fitness goal on day one, ( believe me, I know) you aren't likely to hit a financial goal on the first day either. 

Even small changes, though, can add up to big results in the end.

Taking it one step at a time will help you build good financial habits that are sustainable through the good and not-so-good times.

We all stumble--at least I do! -- the key is to regain our balance and keep moving, rather than let that misstep derail us for weeks, months, or years.

As you create your financial goals -let them be SMART

Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and have a Timeframe 

For example,

 if you want to cut back on expenses, but be specific about how much you want to cut back and how you are going to accomplish that, such as making your lunch 3 days a week, taking public transport on Thursday and Friday, review your insurances , cut back on Foxtel etc. 

If you want to save :-

Set up an investment account - invest 50 per week in your investment portfolio , and arrange for a margin loan for a further 50 per week ( take advantage of leverage )

Make an appointment with your financial planner to set up your will

Prepare a detailed budget

I find that sharing your goals with family and friends will not only encourage you to stay on track, but also give you a support system to help you achieve your goals.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The first follower is the man behind the leader!!

How to create a movement and get viral

12 Things to make more sales before Christmas

It’s a week before Xmas and nearing the ens of the 4th Quarter. Most of the number counters see this as crunch time to achieving your sales goals, and beginning the build-up for next year.
Many of us are unsure what we can do to spped up your prospect and customer decisions. The days seem to be closing faster and if you need to fill your sales gap now is the time to do the best you can without burning the deals.
Below are 12 strategies you might want to review for yourself or your sales team as a way to close more deals without having to resort to cut price discounts or other costly offers
  1. Review a range of your closed deals this year and make a list of why those customers choose to "wait until ... " and have answers for these objections.
  2. Allocate the next 2 days trying to close those lingering proposals and maybe go back up to 12 months.
  3. Try adding some add-ons to solutions you have already sold this year. We have all heard the saying "would you like fries with that" but do you know how much that little saying is worth to McDonalds every day?
  4. Sell additional items to existing orders. Go back over your orders for the past 3-4 months and see which customers you might be able to "Sell one more". Surprising how many 1 make up a bunch if we only just ask for the order.
  5. Review your top 10 customers for the current year and see if you can close at least one additional deal with at least 1 of them before year end. If you are not able to close a new deal it gives you an opportunity to see what may be available you can put into your next year forward planning.
  6. If your clients still have budget to speand see if you can assist them to bring forward spending on 2012 priorities.
  7. Call every client you have not spoken to in the past 90 days and see if they need your services in December to help get them off to a fast start for 2012.
  8. Make contact with all of your prospects where they have deferred your advances to see which ones you are able to move to the hot prospects list.
  9. Review your forecast and identify what is required to meet your target on a daily quota. Then execute.
  10. Enlist your managers's and / or team's support to overcome the roadblocks holding back your prospects from buying.
  11. Review your referrals and the customers who gave you these. Contact these and see if they have any additional prospects for you to follow up.
And finally begin setting appointments for January to give yourself a head start to 2012. In doing this and reviewing each of your contacts you may find a list minute opportunity while you doing this review.

301 billion reasons to export!

A recent media relaease by Trade Minister Andrew Robb, indicated that total exports of $301b represented a 6% increase in volume but a 4.5% decrease in value.

Australia's total export volumes grew by 6.0 per cent in 2012-13 lead by
  • minerals and fuels (up by 9.8 per cent – compared to average of 5.3%),
    • natural gas     $14.3b (up 19.4%) (5th largest export after iron – ore, coal and education)
  • rural exports (up 8.7%) – 3rd year of growth
    • wheat    $6.8b (up 6.3%)
    • vegetable, fruit and nuts $2.2b (up 19%

1.    China-     $131b, (21.1% of total trade).
2.    Japan     $69b (11.2% of total trade)
3.    USA     $53.9b (8.7% of total trade)

What does this mean for SME exporters?
There is great opportunity for food and education and China, Japan and USA are definitely open for business with Australian Companies representing 40% of total exports.

There are numerous grants and incentives on both a state and federal level to support Innovative Australian Companies looking to export and grow their business.
Andrew Robb has indicated that he is keen to take businesses on trade missions. This is an amazing way to grow your profile both nationally and internationally. 

This time of the year is a time where Directors and owners should be looking at their business, getting clarity of vision and plan for tgrowth opportunities that will present themselves in 2014 and beyond.
Have you developed a plan of action. Have you got clarity of Vision?

Have a great Christmas and New Year.