Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Ultimate Business Network

Why spend your time drinking coffee when what you really want to do is close deals?
Everyone acknowledges the importance of networking. Do you however find too much of your networking time is spent drinking coffee and in small talk rather than in finding and closing opportunities? 
We are in the fortunate position where we don’t have to do a lot of networking to find opportunities – opportunities come to us. For the most part, all we have to do is evaluate the opportunity and decide whether or not it is a good fit for our company – this is a great way to do business, and it is a lot of fun.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to do business the same way. You are therefore being invited to express your interest in joining "the Ultimate Business Network". This network is about creating opportunities for your business, not drinking coffee. There are no meetings to attend, no forums to participate in. This is about having opportunities brought directly to you for evaluation.
If you join this network, the first part of the process is that we will conduct a full profile of your company. We will look at your business assets, your products, your processes and your database. This process will not be invasive and it will be totally  up to you as to what information you provide. This profile will be used to identify potential JV opportunities with other network members and to ensure that only appropriate and compatible opportunities are presented to you.

If you have an opportunity that you wish to share with other network members – we will coordinate that for you. If you have   an issue that you require assistance with we will try to identify a network member who may be able to provide that assistance. Ultimately what we are looking to create is win-win situations for the network members. This network is not restricted by geography as the business that could provide you with the best opportunity may not be located in the same state or even the same country. As you will see from our website:  we have conducted business ventures across several continents.

It should however be noted that this opportunity is not suitable for everyone. Before being accepted into this network, we will need to be confident that we can provide value for you. We are therefore at this stage just looking for expressions of  interest. If you would like to investigate this opportunity further all you need do is Click Here and submit the expression of   interest form.


Derek Adam
BSI Connect

How to use credit cards to pay tax debts and thus generate frequent flyer miles. -

article from Clark a& Jacobs - accounting Firm - click here for article

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leadership debate spotlights nation’s leadership skills vacuum

Leadership debate spotlights nation’s leadership skills vacuum

The BSI Leadership and Network Breakfast 9 March 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Conviction of the Inner West Story - UTOPIA!!”

This months Ark Informer relates specifically to property research in the Inner West in Sydney. 
We look forward to your feedback.
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Since 3 quarter 2008, Ark Total Wealth has focussed it’s property research gaze on the Inner West area of Sydney and generated some excellent returns for clients in the process. The greater Sydney area as a whole whilst generally having higher prices than other capital cities, is blessed with high natural rental yields of 5.0% +, low vacancy rates, and a chronic undersupply in new dwelling completions. ANZ Economics notes that dwelling completions for Sydney are currently running at about 26,000 (about half the amount of a decade ago) and well below current requirements. They also report a serious disparity with dwelling starts, estimated for 2011 at 130,000, down from the 149,000 of 2010, and well shy of the estimated 180,000 required to fill current demand.
The practical outcome of such numbers are continuing upwards pressure on rents and by virtue of this also capital values, with ANZ predicting rents will rise by "close to double digits".
Drilling down further, since 2008 the inner west as a region has been a consistent out-perfomer in the Sydney property market, as purchasers take advantage of it’s close proximity to the CBD, access to rail and bus transport, a rapid gentrification and urbanisation of many inner west suburbs, and more affordable prices relative to the already highly priced blue ribbon areas of the East and North Shore.
As can be seen below from our past inner west projects (see below), capital growth and market performance in the inner west has been strong in the central core suburbs, and as prices have risen capital growth has radiated in rings outwards from the core, as suburbs such as Annandale, Newtown, Stanmore and Erskineville become less affordable. Thus suburbs such as Marrickville, Arncliffe, St Peters and Dulwich Hill have begun to perform due to the attraction of their lower price point. This is a growth movement we have been following for the last 24 months in terms of our chosen projects.
Research wise and also anecdotally, the inner west has and continues to be the powerhouse of Sydney property price growth.
(quote) “This year's star performers have one thing in common. The inner west is holding its ground far better than most other areas around Sydney.”
  • In 4 quarter 2010, Australian Property Monitors predicted that units would achieve a higher rate of capital growth than houses over the coming year as investors and a limited number of first-home buyers look for affordable properties.   They went on to list their top 10 suburbs in terms of capital growth prospects with Summer Hill, Hurlstone Park, Petersham and Dulwich Hill all getting a mention.
  • In early 2011, St George Bank’s National Property Hotspots Report 2011 was published listing 24 strong investment suburbs around Australia. Arncliffe was among one of 5 Sydney suburbs mentioned, and similar to APM 4 of the 5 suburbs they listed basically adjoin each other, being Arncliffe, Sydenham, Eastlakes and Newtown.
  • In February 2012, PRD Nationwide listed Marrickville their top Sydney property hot spot for 2012 (see below):
When we combine the results of the APM, St George and PRD Nationwide reports we notice an interesting correlation in the close proximity of the prime growth suburbs both have listed.
Red: Aus. Property Monitors listed suburbs
Yellow: St George listed suburbs
Purple: PRD Nationwide
What is clear from the above consensus is that the area featured in the map above is considered a strong future capital growth market by all three research houses.
With a wealth of statistics and external opinions pointing towards the Inner West as being one of Sydney’s potential top performing property markets, further detailed analysis on development particulars help identify value for money and help establish an understanding of how, why and what sort of capital growth is being achieved.
Charting growth of ATW Property in the Inner West
Since late 2008 Ark Total Wealth have strategically recommended a select offering of developments in the Inner West region to their clients, based on the type of forward looking research and statistics detailed above, and also on careful analysis of the projects at hand. Now more than 2 years down the track, our clients have begun to reap impressive results from these acquisitions.
Camperdown – Trio Apartments – 1 bed, 1 bath, 1 car
Exchanged: December 2008, Completed: July 2009
Purchase Price: $470,000
Current Valuation: $570,000 (based on sales evidence)
Current Rental: $560 pw
Balmain – Boutique Apartments – 1 bed, 1 bath, 1 car
Exchanged: April 2009, Completed: September 2010
Purchase Price: $550,000
Current Valuation: $612,000 (based on sales evidence)
Current Rental: $550 pw
Leichhardt – The Factory – 2 bed, 2 bath, 1 car
Exchanged: Mid 2009, Completed: January 2011
Purchase Price: $640,000
Current Valuation: $730,000 (based on sales evidence)
Current Rental: $710 pw
Petersham – The Majestic Theatre Apartments – 1 bed, 1 bath, 1 car
Exchanged: September 2010, Completed: Estimated 2012
Purchase Price: $473,000
Current Valuation: $501,300 (based on sales evidence)
Estimated Rental: $470 pw
An interesting statistic to note is the internal price per square meter for 1 bedroom apartments (psm) of the above three projects which at time of purchase were:
Camperdown: $8,245 psm
Balmain:              $10,000 psm
Petersham:        $9,260 psm
Dulwich Hill:      $8,403 psm (1 bedroom) AVAILABLE
We note that the cost of Utopia at Dulwich Hill on a per square metre basis is broadly comparable with those of our previous inner west project before those projects experienced the increase in capital growth that they have had.
Furthermore, we believe that the slated Dulwich Hill light rail extension due for completion in 2014 will exert a positive impact on property prices in the area. The existing light rail line that terminates at Lilyfield is being extended to Dulwich Hill as illustrated below. This will provide a further public transport access line into the city in addition to heavy rail and bus lines.

The red arrow denotes the proximity of the Dulwich Hill development to the Dulwich Hill light rail interchange. The development is also 600 metres from Hurlstone Park train station. There is a proven causal relationship between construction of light rail lines and property price growth as illustrated below:
(quote) “Property values along light rail corridors could soar, a new report suggests, but experts say governments would need to temper the price rises with more affordable housing....The planned extension of Sydney's light rail, from the Lilyfield terminus to Dulwich Hill train station, is also likely to affect property values in Leichhardt, Haberfield, Lewisham, Summer Hill and Dulwich Hill.”
We therefore believe that given the strong inner west story and the considerable growth achieved thus far, coupled with comparatively similar value for money on an internal pricing basis, Utopia apartments represent good for value for money in what is an area that is trending towards strong future capital growth.
The Utopia Apartments – Dulwich Hill
Situated close to local transport, schools and parks, the Utopia Apartments are a luxury boutique development of only 32 units.
Thoughtfully designed to maximise space and natural light, each home offers a clever floor plan to ensure generous in/outdoor living with style, function and quality finishes without.
Project Name: The Utopia Apartments
Project Description: 32 apartments – 13 one bedroom, 16 two bedroom, 3 three bedrooms                                                        
Size range (selected apartments):  Internal 53.84 sqm to 60.63 sqm | External 11.08 sqm to 28.25 sqm
Car park: 1 car park per apartment
Price:  $429,000 to $489,000 (one bedrooms)
Rental Estimate:  $430 to $460 per week (depending on actual apartment)
Amenities & Environment
  • Dulwich High School                1.5km
  • Trinity Grammar School           900m
  • TAFE NSW                                    3.6km
  • University of Sydney                 6.9km
  • Woolworths Supermarket        500m
  • Hurlstone Park Train Station  600m
  • M5 East Freeway                          5km
  • Marrickville Strip Shopping    2.7km
  • Sydney Airport                            7.4km
  • Sydney Private Hospital         1.8 km
If you are interested in learning more please click here and Alex Lee or Chris Magnus will contact you, or call Ark at 02 926223333.

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My Nephew needs your help!!

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Does Bill Evans, chief economist of Westpac say about Reserve Banks decision to hold interest rates?

  • Reserve bank has decided to hold interest rates as they believe GFC is now past and the Australian Economy is on an average level.However, not for construction, manufacturing and retail - mining is holding up the fort!
  • Unemployment rate is increasing (4.8% - 5.2% and estimated to go to 5.3%)
  • Consumer sentiment not great
  • A$1.08 - Bill Evans forecasts parity in next 6 months 
Conclusion, Bill thinks that there will be another cut in interest rates in next 6 months

FOr more information about finance, see or
like its facebook page

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Interest Rates on Hold - What is your next step?

With the financial turmoil, Europe's debts and current credit squeeze, you need to  hope for the best, but prepare for the worst!

Remeber the adage - buy in gloom and sell in boom!

To weather the potential storm or take advantage of potential opportunities, you need money or available money.
If you have equity in your property, consider of taking a line of credit. Cash is king. Loans will become harder, and what you are able to get now, you may not be able to get later.

Is it the right time to lock in interest rates over the next 3 - 5 years? I am going to!.

Interest rates may get cheaper. The risk, in my view, isn't the interest rate, but the ability to get cash due to a potential credit squeeze!

Those with lines of Credit or available funds will have a competitive edge!

Click here for Michael Luca's commentary on the RBA's interest rate decision. 

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