Friday, March 22, 2013

Join my Referron Network

If you would like someone to refer you to their friends for your excellent service or products, invite them to do so using referron.

If you know someone who you would be proud to refer to your friends to- use referron. (
 to enable you to join my referral network, click below


For businesses
once invited...  become a "referron business" and reward your champion and leads! Your first 3 referrals are free. There is a CRM to manage your leads on the backend, that will integrate with your existing CRM or accounting system.

For Fans
If you know someone who you believe provides an awesome service, or has a brilliant product, refer them using referron, and ask them to define what their reward will be. Rewards can be managed, changed and redeemed on your phone.

For Leads
Get solid referrals from friends who you trust and respect, and get a reward (coupon) for trying the product or service

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Last chance to fix at 4.99%!!

If you are looking to fix your interest rates on your home loan or investment property, now might be the time with one major bank already announcing they will not be offering 4.99% from Wednesday.

Feel free to contact Liquidity to find out more about your options and if fixing is suitable for you now.

Business Development Manager - Professional Services Industry

Bring your outstanding consultative sales skills to a group of dynamic, professional services firms where you will spend your days working with decision makers to help them grow and increase the profitability of their business, all while you earn exceptionally well.

10X is currently searching for a number of experienced and self motivated Business Development professionals to join our team and play a pivotal role in driving continued new business growth into our organisation and our affiliated businesses located throughout Capital Cities and Regional Centres all over Australia. To secure this role you must be able to clearly demonstrate your new business sales experience as well as your ability to establish and maintain long term relationships with business owners.

The role encompasses becoming the key player in a formalised referral/alliance network composed of a closed group of like minded, motivated professional services business’s such as Accountants, Financial Planners, Commercial Law Firms, Human Resources, General Insurance Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, and Web Designers. You will be interacting on a daily basis with them as well as other business owners from all types and sizes of businesses in all sorts of different industries. In fact the more diverse your background the more likely you are to succeed in this role. As you would expect, all the training, tools and resources necessary to assist in your success will come your way.

This is a unique business opportunity for a truly professional sales people who want to be their own boss while enjoying a base salary and an attractive commission structure. You will also have the opportunity to set your own hours and own pace.

To qualify you must:

Be a self-starter and ‘run your own race’
Have a minimum of 1 year experience at consultative selling
Have a proven track record as a Business Development Manager
Be able to work with and collaborate with other professionals
Have a strong customer service focus
Enjoy working towards targets and achieving goals
Take a value-add approach to your work
Be well organised and outcome focused
Be driven to earn significant sales revenues

Who is 10X?

10X helps businesses, organisations and leaders grow through coaching, training and connecting.

10X has a culture that is all about making a difference - we exist to serve our network of professional firms and the small to medium sized business owner, to improve their businesses and enhance their lives.

The 10X business model is based on high quality Intellectual Property backed up with world-class, long-term support and a strong network that needs equally strong sales professionals in each and every office.

If you are looking for significant earnings, lifestyle, a great team and network, something new, challenging and a rewarding role bringing people together improving SME’s, then send your CV to

The successful applicants will be invited to an evening with the Directors in Sydney or Brisbane Thursday 21 March at 6pm.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hear See Do

I saw an excellent quote in a book I was reading that was on the lounge table of my mentor Allen Pathmarajah in Singapore.

"Hearing something 100 times is not as good as seeing it once.
Seeing something 100 times is not as good as doing it once "

Research indicates that we retain only 10% of what we hear; 20% of what we see; 65% of what we hear and see; but 90% of what we hear, see, and do.

Knowledge is useless and unproductive unless you do something with it.
It's only when we act on the data, facts and information and apply them, that we in fact gain experience.

Here are a few simple yet profound truths about experience:

We learn from our experiences.

If they are positive, we tend to repeat them again and again until we become proficient and our skill levels increase.

If they are negative, we file them away in the back of our minds as cautions or red flags to be recalled when a potentially dangerous situation threatens.

To experience is to be actively involved. An experience is gained when one becomes engaged in an activity or are constantly involved with people over a period of time.

Experiences are dynamic. It's really up to us to take charge of our experiences and not let them just happen to us.

We are shaped by our experiences.

We impact others through our experiences. When we demonstrate an increased ability to work collaboratively with others, their experience levels increase also.

Experiences are the foundation of success. Success results when we apply the invaluable lessons we learn from our experiences and move forward.

It's ok to fail - it is part o our experience , and it is only negative if we do not learn from it. If you take action to rectify the reason for the failure , you will be on a trajectory path to success!

Moral of the story - Is to act.... But make sure you act with knowledge! Do not listen to the cynics and do not be afraid to dream!

Article Source of inspiration

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Challenges and possible solutions for pre - retirees

The Ark team are presenting an educational seminar which will  look at the challenging issues and possible solutions facing pre-retirees on  Tuesday 19th March  at 12:30pm and the Wednesday 20th March at 6pm Click those dates if you would like to attend. I hope to see you there.

If you cannot make the seminar, or you are based outside of Sydney, and you would like a copy of our retirement eBook, please click here and type "eBook" in the message box, and the eBook and notes from the seminar will be sent to you after the event.

This Seminar is complimentary for the first 50 registrants

Help needed - looking for my why?

Gurus are saying that if you have your "why sussed" and you have a clear sense of purpose... you will be more effective, and achieve the nirvana (whatever that may be) .... Its interesting... working on my “why” ....

I do not have a “Why” as such.... what I do is (I suppose) in my DNA... sort of - why does a fish swim or a lion roar or a monkey swings on trees?..... it just is!
Maybe its helping others achieve their “why" ?    

What is your "WHY"? 

Monday, March 11, 2013

15 insider tips for increasing self-confidence and building connections wherever you are on your journey

  1. Listen to your inner voice and take note of the things that ignite your zest for life.
  2. Focus: keep your eyes on the prize, however you define it.
  3. Keep learning and challenging yourself.
  4. Create your own tomorrows: don’t wait for someone to tap you on the shoulder. Ask for what you want.
  5. Celebrate your successes.
  6. Push through your fears.
  7. View failures as a springboard to propel you even further.
  8. Always look ahead, behind, up, down and sideways: you never know where the next opportunity will come from.
  9. Reflect rather than react, strategize rather than “stew.”
  10. Network, network, network – and then network some more: inside your organization, within your industry, across your community, etc.
  11. Always hire people smarter than you.
  12. Never apologize for your greatness.
  13. Don't take things personally and let go of the negative swirl.
  14. Feel free to change your mind – often.
  15. Have a Plan B, C and D: don’t let life catch you unprepared.

10 things you need to do to secure the funding needed for their business to survive and thrive

1.    Get to know your investor before asking for funding. understand the investor and present the information, the style of the pitch, in a way the investor wants it.
2.   Know your market and your customer . What value will your product bring to the customer?
3.   Be ambitious – not conservative…. This is about investing in a disruptive technology…. Its not a me too business…. It’s a binary play … o or won!
4.   Management and skills of the team is key. The product can be great… but if you have a shit team… you can kiss your investment goodbye. Ideally find someone who has done this before.
5.   Know your 30 second pitch. Know your “why” “what” “who” and ” how”
6.   Know your numbers
7.   This needs to be globally scalable!
8.   Needs to be a pain killer and not a vitamin
9.   Pitch the benefits to the client not the features of the product
10. How much money I am going to make and by when?

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Things you need to look at when thinking of retirement

In this Ark Informer, the Ark team look at the challenging issues facing pre-retirees.
They will be hosting an educational seminar on the Tuesday 19th March  at 12:30pm and the Wednesday 20th at 6pm in March to discuss the issues and possible solutions. Click those dates if you would like to attend. I hope to see you there.

If you cannot make the seminar, or you are based outside of Sydney, and you would like a copy of our retirement ebook, please click here and type "ebook" in the message box, and the ebook and notes from the seminar will be sent to you after the event.

Issue No. 05 - Retirement Planning
Understanding your retirement options
The concept of retirement has changed considerably over the past decade. No longer is age 65 the standard retirement age.
Employers are becoming more flexible and allowing employees to gradually wind down their working hours into retirement. To compliment this, superannuation laws have changed that now allow you to access a portion of your superannuation at age 55.
Regardless of when you want to retire, there are two important questions that still need to be answered;
- How much income do you need to live?
- How much assets is enough to fund your lifestyle?
Lifestyle is a personal decision, what might be standard for you may be luxury to another.
The Seminar
Given the dilemna above, we will be hosting a seminar that focuses on the following;
- How much is enough for retirement?
- How long do you need to plan for?
- How you can use your super now to benefit your retirement?
- How to reduce tax and boost your retirement benefits?
- How to qualify for the Age Pension?
Our expert advisors will answer each of the above questions and there will be sufficient time for questions. The seminar is designed to be educational and best of all it is complimentary.
The Dilemna
How much do you need to live?
To determine this, you need to analyse your current expenses. An effecient way to do this is to separate your living requirements into fixed and discretionary. This then creates a baseline of what you need to survive and what is left over for the descretionary spending.
What value of assets do you need to maintain the lifestyle above?
In an ideal world, you would have enough assets invested to provide you with a passive income to support your lifestyle. This ensures you never run out of money for you retirement.
 Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. This means you need to implement a strategy over time that will help you get the most out of what you have for retirement. This can include some of the strategies listed below.
What strategies can you implement?
It is never to early to start planning for your retirement. We have listed some strategies that you can implement before you retire;
- Additional contributions to super
- Self Managed Superannuation Funds (including using leverage)
- Changing the Asset Allocation within your existing super fund
- Changing assets to qualify for the Age Pension
- Tax reduction
Each separate strategy will play a pivotal role in helping you achieve your retirement dreams. If you are thinking of retiring, or you just want to learn more about what options there are in retirement feel free to come along to our seminar on the 19th and 20th of March.
If you cannot make the seminar, or you are based outside of Sydney, and you would like a copy of our retirement ebook, pleaseclick here and type "ebook" in the message box.
 We will send you the ebook and notes from the seminar after the event.
The Ark Total Wealth Team
March 2013
Click on the dates below  to register for relevant seminars
Tue 19th March @ 12:30pm
Wed 20th March @ 6pm
Where: Level 7, 14 Martin Place, Sydney Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.
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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I know the answer!

Get ready to have your questions answered...

Questions like:
•    “Should I be trying to build my personal brand or my business brand?”
•    “How important is social media, and how much time should I spend on it?”
•    “Do I need to worry about building an Apple or Android app or ebookfor my business?”
•    “How should I be thinking about my pricing strategy, and what do I need to change in my product range?”
•    “What should I be charging for, and what should I be giving for free?”
•    “Are their overseas countries I should be outsourcing to, and how do I choose?”
•    “Are their systems I can use to manage my customers better?”
•    “How much of my time should I invest looking after my existing customers compared to attracting new customers?”
•    “I know about squeeze pages, affiliate programs, Facebook fan pages, Youtubechannels, Twitter, Google Plus and a hundred other platforms. What should I focus at?”
•    “Are there countries I could be offering my products or services in that would multiply my results?”
•    “Are their products and services I could offer today that would also transform my results?”
•    “If I have content I want to package, should I be publishing a book, creating an online training program, producing CDs or DVDs, or something different?”
•    “What is it that gaming companies are doing that allows them to attract millions of users, and what can I apply today from what they have learned?”
•    “What are the best systems to manage my accounts and admin?”
•    “What’s the best way to attract and retain a world class team?”
•    “How do I set up effective partnerships?”
•    “If I haven’t yet decided on what type of company I want to grow, how do I decide?”
•    “I want to focus more on my bigger purpose. What’s the simplest way to do this?”

If you’d like to know the answer to any of these questions, then you must attend the ‘Fast Forward your Business’ event in March. International Speaker, Author and creator of renowned profiling system, Wealth Dynamics, the premier system used by entrepreneurs to build their business and their teams world wide, Roger James Hamilton, will be covering the answers to all of these questions and giving so much more too.

In fact the moment you register,you'll instantly get 6 very valuable and powerful tools worth over $600:

  • Wealth Spectrum Test! ·(Valued at US$37)
  • Wealth Dynamics 2 Test and Report! ·(Valued at US$100)
  •  Roger's ebook, Your Life Your Legacy! ·(Valued at US$19)
  •  A seat at ‘Fast Forward your Business' ·(Valued at US$199)  for just $39
  • The 30 Day PowerPack for your personal path ·(Valued at US$139)


  • The Full 90 Minute Video of Fast Forward 2011 ·(Valued at US$149)

How valuable would it be to have just one of these questions answered for you? Imagine the time, the money and the energy you’d save by tweaking  your focus onto the things that are actually going to make the biggest difference for you and your business, financially.

If you are someone who is determined to set yourself and your business up in a way you may never have done before then this is the workshop for you.

Read more about it or register your place now…

 NOTE! please make sure you enter the promotional code 'take30off' to get all the above and a place at the full day event for just $39. I understand there are over 300 people already registered and max capacity is 350!

Make sure you book yourself in now and secure your seat, you'll be so glad you did.

After the phenomenal response from last years world tour, I know you're going to love this day with Roger and guarantee you'll come out a different person with a much bigger vision and plan for your business, your job or role and certainly your life.

I have been invited to be part of a panel after lunch, and look forward to seeing you there,

Hope you can make it to the event  it’ll make your coming year so much more rewarding.