Friday, May 23, 2008

focus or fail - Mick Liubinskas Pollenizer cebit 08

Mick Liubinskas - Pollenizer Helps companies with there technical strategies and then gets involved and implements them!

1 in 100,000 companies will hit that home run - to do that - one of the key things is to be laser focussed

kazaa millions of downloads... but failed because of no focus. too many distractions, 300m downloads, millions of users - but underachieved
facebook facebook - 3 features, 20,000 people - very focussed

there is ++ competition - to be succesful - you need to have laser focus - or get crunched by the competition

customers like the fact that you are laser focussed
there are 3 things that get you focussed -
sacrifice, sequence and focus on the core vs the crap

sacrifices - there are many choices - rather be narrow and deep vs wide and shallow

example - Atlassian - being laser focussed - created a big business in a target area.

2. Get Sequences right -

1. University
2. Lots of Universities
3. Highschools
4. Workplace

Booking angel - pay per booking 0 initially focussing on one market - restaurants
Martian Logic - initially focussing on recruitment companies

social business
1. individual value (wifm)
2. group value
3. community value

If too many balls in the air - too busy juggling than focussing on your core strength and making that happen

Get your core utility right - the absolute must have - get this cranking and you will win
then the support
outer circle mostly crap - but where ++ money is spent

How to Focus:-

1. Know your purpose
guy kawasaki - know your meaning - what you are about

2. test test test test

3. patience and persistance - keep turning the crank and don't give up.

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