Sunday, June 26, 2016

A device for metastatic cancers

Viatar is at the bleeding edge of innovation - 
It's a cancer dialysis med-tech  focused on the treatment of patients making metastatic cancers a chronic rather than fatal condition.

Click here for an animated video of how it works -

Viatar is looking to be listed in the ASX listed on 26 July 2016 raising $13.6m.

We are hosting a lunch with Viatar's leader Ilan Reich on Friday 1 July. With Viatar's founder, Ilan Reich 
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Viatar’s value proposition is

 - proven technology for removal of over 90% of a cancer patient’s lethal circulating tumor cells

   - few competitors and a more effective and affordable devices

- pivotal US trial results imminent, major regulatory approvals in US and commercialization in Europe 2016

   - a sophisticated and supportive investor based of over 100, and in excess of USD 21M in funding to date

   - a large growing market with regulated growth drivers and existing reimbursement regime in the US

- An ASX listing broadens Viatar’s stakeholder base to support global play with uplift to NASDAQ potential, Q4 ‘16. 


( Contact me if interested and I will refer you to the powers that be) 

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