Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pointers to achieve more sales

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bsivc Ivan Kaye 
#salessuccess - ask for referrals once you have done a great piece of work for a client - this is a goldmine!! Organise a coffee meeting

#salessuccess follow ups - 80% of sales are lost becasue of a lack of follow up. People do business with people they like, know and trust.

#salessuccess - don't get stopped by no - it take up to 5-7 follow ups to close the sale

#salessuccess - get out you calenders and get the commitment to the next meeting

#salessuccess - play back what you hear

#salessuccess - listen

#salessuccess - establish a relationship with the prospect as a person first and a client second

#salessuccess - prepare case studies - so that people can relate

#salessuccess - get your 30 second pitch honed!! create a compelling reason to meet

#salessuccess - imagine the conversation before the conversation - go in as if you have already one the business

#salessuccess - have no "skaam" - have chutzpah - ASK for the sale - don't be embarrassed or feel rejection

#salessuccess - have a positive #attitude and feel good about yourself - yuour state of mind will be projected to others

#salessuccess - be consistent and persistant - this is a key ingredient to be succesful - your follow up will determine your success

#salessuccess - believe in the product and service you are selling - be #passionate about it

#salessuccess - figure what your cles should be - your result from a first meeting is to get a second meeting

#salessuccess - build #trust - your client needs to feel like you’re trustworthy and that you have their best interest in heart.

#salessuccess - practice, practice , practice3 - the more you do it - the more you are wired for success

#salessuccess - sharpen the sword - identify who your targeted prospects are

#salessuccess - ditch the script - consumers are savvy to script based sales

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